Events at the Homelessness Policy Research Institute

NDSC Virtual Community Training 5/18


NDSC research staff host free monthly trainings, the 3rd Wednesday of every month, to teach the public about our Neighborhood Map - a digital tool that provides access to reliable, aggregated data at the neighborhood level. Join us next on … Continue reading

HPRI Symposium: Unsheltered Homelessness


Perhaps the most discussed issue related to homelessness is unsheltered homelessness. People experiencing street homelessness have an increased risk of adverse health outcomes and, potentially, death. From April 2020 to March 2021 alone, 1,988 unhoused individuals died in Los Angeles … Continue reading

HPRI Research Seminar: Coordinated Entry in Seattle


Please join us 6/13 from 9-11AM for a virtual HPRI Research Seminar featuring some of our esteemed research partners – Sam Tsemberis, Molly Brown, and Rachel Fyall! The research team will be presenting and discussing their 2019 study case study of … Continue reading

HPRI Symposium: Understanding Older Adult Homelessness

USC Vineyard Room, Lower Level of Davidson Continuing Education Center 3409 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Please RSVP Here:  Older adults who experience, or are at risk of, homelessness are a uniquely vulnerable population. The elderly are not only naturally more susceptible to many maladies, including disease, mental health disorders, physical injuries and disabilities (World Health … Continue reading


HPRI Symposium: Encampment Resolution Strategies


Register for the Zoom link:   As the cost of housing continues to rise across the United States, homelessness remains a growing issue in nearly all areas of the country (NAEH).  In urban areas, this struggle is often visually and … Continue reading

HPRI Symposium: Improving Coordinated Entry Systems


Register for the Zoom Link:     The implementation of Coordinated Entry Systems (CES) has become a common feature across the country, particularly after the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) required the use of such systems for its … Continue reading

HPRI Symposium: Guaranteed Income


Register for the Zoom Link:     While guaranteed income and cash transfer programs have existed in other portions of the world, such as Latin America, since the 1980s (Fotta and Schmidt, 2023), the discussion of Universal Basic Income in … Continue reading