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The HPRI Research Catalogue includes current research conducted by HPRI as well as HPRI members from partner institutions. Search by topic, research type, author, or title to review specific works.

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Creating Authentic, Effective Partnerships Between Organizations and Lived Experts: A Toolkit

Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative

Year: 2024

This toolkit offers guidance for researchers, advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, government agencies and others interested in, or currently engaging in, meaningful community-engaged work. It presents BHHI’s guide to forming and sustaining meaningful, authentic, and effective partnerships between organizations and lived … Continue reading

Fair Housing and Why It Matters to Ending Homelessness

National Alliance to End Homelessness

Year: 2024

The Fair Housing Act is our nation’s primary fair housing law. On April 11, 1968, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, known as the federal Fair Housing Act. The law was … Continue reading

Basic Income Grants to Reduce Homelessness in Los Angeles

Year: 2024

Although serious mental illness (SMI) and substance use disorders (SUD) are more prevalent among unhoused people, it is wrong to assume that these conditions are the sole cause of their homelessness. In Los Angeles County, about 95.3% of adults with … Continue reading

Community-level Predictors of Doubled-up Homelessness

Journal of Urban Affairs

Year: 2024

Existing research has examined the community-level factors associated with sheltered and unsheltered homelessness in the United States, generally finding that housing, labor market, and social safety net factors have significant associations with geographic variation in homelessness. Some definitions of homelessness … Continue reading

An Analysis of Safe Parking Programs: Identifying Program Features and Outcomes of an Emerging Homelessness Intervention

Housing Policy Debate

Year: 2024

As vehicular homelessness increases in the United States, safe parking programs have proliferated. Yet little research exists on this emerging homelessness intervention. This three-year, mixed-methods study analyzed one of the largest safe parking programs in operation: the Jewish Family Service … Continue reading

Voices from the Field: Continua of Care Representatives Discuss Strategies and Opportunities for Promoting Equity in Homelessness Services in the United States

Journal of Social Distress and Homelessness

Year: 2024

The current study synthesizes findings from interviews with 14 CoCs representatives (64% female, 71% White) asking how CoCs are addressing local race-based disparities through homelessness services and how HUD can help them in these efforts. Results indicated that HUD’s policy … Continue reading

Beyond the Bias: Realities of Homelessness in California

Homelessness Policy Research Institute

Year: 2024

The homelessness crisis in California and throughout the United States is the direct consequence of inadequate housing policy, and yet, homelessness is consistently misrepresented as the result of poor personal decisions made by individuals in extreme poverty. The myths about … Continue reading

Understanding CalAIM Implementation Across California

UC Berkeley Terner Center for Housing Innovation

Year: 2024

In January 2022, California’s Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and its local partners began the implementation of California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM). DHCS describes CalAIM as “a long-term commitment to transform Medi-Cal, making the program more equitable, coordinated, … Continue reading

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