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    Acceptability of a mobile sensing application to characterize community integration among homeless-experienced veterans

    Journal of Community Psychology

    Year: 2022

    Mobile sensing applications that collect active, Ecological Momentary Assessment data, and passive, Global Positioning System data provide reliable, longitudinal assessments of community integration. Ensuring their acceptability by vulnerable populations is warranted. Acceptability-related perceptions of a mobile sensing application were gathered via focus groups with homeless-experienced Veterans with serious mental illness (n = 19) and individual interviews with providers (n = 5) to inform subsequent application tailoring and testing. Rapid assessment generated structured summaries and matrix analyses integrated participant data. Active data collection was deemed noninvasive, with more concerns of passive data “ending up in the wrong hands.” Providers recommended clear descriptions and promotion of choice to navigate privacy concerns and guardedness. Participants felt the application possessed clinical value for enhancing patient-provider interactions and community integration efforts. Overall, participants found application features acceptable and expressed Veterans’ willingness to engage in research using mobile sensing technology. Recommendations to enhance acceptability are discussed.

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