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    Costs Associated with First-Time Homelessness for Families and Individuals

    Prepared for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research, and the Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs

    Year: 2010

    This study examines costs associated with the use of homeless and mainstream service delivery systems by families and individuals experiencing homelessness for the first time in six study communities. Assigning costs to public programs is a first step toward developing measures of the value of public interventions compared to the public costs incurred by ignoring or avoiding the problems those interventions are intended to address. The study finds that the experience of homelessness is diverse and the associated costs vary tremendously depending on the pattern of homelessness and family or individual status. It is not, however, a study of either cost-effectiveness or quality of care, but rather a calculation of costs associated with homelessness. Read more. 

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