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    Evaluation of the 100,000 Homes Campaign: Assessing the Campaign’s Effectiveness in Housing the Chronically and Vulnerable Homeless

    Urban Institute

    Year: 2015

    The Urban Institute’s evaluation of the 100,000 Homes Campaign (the Campaign) found that the Campaign had a major impact on national efforts to end homelessness, despite its modest staffing and budget. Community Solutions successfully recruited nearly every major city to join the Campaign and exceeded its goal of placing 100,000 chronically or vulnerable homeless Americans into permanent housing. Participants and national leaders reported that the Campaign brought new energy and urgency to the work of ending homelessness. Communities that participated in the Campaign were more successful than nonparticipant communities in reducing street homelessness, homelessness among veterans, and chronic homelessness. Though the Campaign did not invent the Housing First approach to chronic homelessness, it helped establish its credibility to some skeptical or uninformed audiences by personalizing public health needs of homeless people and emphasizing the positive impact permanent housing can have on their lives. Read more.

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