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    Homelessness and publicly funded substance use disorder treatment in California, 2016–2019: Analysis of treatment needs, level of care placement, and outcomes

    Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment

    Year: 2021

    Both homelessness and substance use have increased in recent years. People experiencing homelessness (PEH) are at increased risk for health problems and early mortality, both of which can be exacerbated by substance use disorders (SUD). Specialty SUD treatment is likely needed to address substance use among PEH, and more than 232,000 PEH received treatment from U.S. publicly funded SUD programs in 2015. The objective of this paper is to develop a better understanding of the SUD services that PEH receive in publicly funded treatment programs by (1) describing the characteristics and needs of the PEH population served in publicly funded SUD treatment programs, compared to non-PEH populations; (2) determining if differences exist in treatment placement (level of care) for PEH and non-PEH; and (3) gauging how successful programs are in treating PEH compared to non-PEH.

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