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    LA’s homeless can vote, but can they get to the polls to support a vital bond measure in November?

    Los Angeles Times

    Year: 2016

    Los Angeles will vote on a $1.2 billion bond to fund housing and other facilities to alleviate homelessness in November. It will need approval by two-thirds of city voters to pass.

    No one has more riding on the outcome than the more than 28,000 people here who sleep in tents, parks and emergency shelters every night — in other words, those least likely to cast a ballot.

    An alliance of 57 affordable housing organizations and homeless service providers is gearing up a voter registration drive for their clients between now and the Oct. 24 deadline. Those of us who serve this population are committed to making the voices of the homeless heard. Even with these efforts, however, we know voter turnout will be low for people experiencing homelessness. Imagine how difficult voting is in their circumstances.

    It will be up to the rest of us to help bolster their voice.

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