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    Living Wages in Los Angeles County’s Homeless Response Sector

    RAND Corporation

    Year: 2023

    Rising costs of living are a top concern across the country. This is particularly important for organizations that seek to support vulnerable populations. This report explores what constitutes a living wage in Los Angeles County and the barriers preventing workers in the homeless response sector from receiving such a wage. The authors examined what a living wage is in Los Angeles County using fair market rents for various unit sizes and several family configurations. They then collected data on wages listed in job postings within Los Angeles County for frontline and management occupations in the homeless response sector to assess earning potential. They find that workers at nonprofit organizations, particularly frontline staff, often do not earn a living wage, which contributes to the financial, emotional, and health burdens that these workers face. This is likely to affect employee productivity and retention as well as the quality and continuity of client care.

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