Conduct and Facilitate High Impact Research

RFP Services

HPRI offers a range of no-cost services to assist public, private, and philanthropic partners in developing, issuing, and reviewing requests for research proposals (RFP). Available RFP services include:

  • Introductory Consultation – HPRI is available for limited consultations for community partners seeking to identify the type of research needed to best inform their work to end homelessness.
  • Frame Research Questions – HPRI offers assistance formulating precise research questions to best serve the community’s goal to end homelessness.
  • Review RFP Applications – HPRI subject matter experts are available to review analyze, and evaluate RFPs.
  • Administer the Full RFP Process – HPRI is also available to lead the entire RFP process, including developing research questions, drafting the RFP, circulating the RFP, reviewing letters of intent (LOI), reviewing full proposals, managing communication with applicants, scoring proposals, notifying participants, and tracking progress by grantees.

Research Accelerator

With leadership from the UCLA California Policy Lab, HPRI is developing a new Research Accelerator that will provide HPRI researchers with access to a secured, shared platform that houses data from the Homeless Management Information System. This will allow researchers to quickly access accurate, cleaned data to inform more timely and policy-relevant research.