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    6th & Berendo Encampment Resolution

    The People Concern

    Year: 2024

    The 6 th and Berendo encampment is located in CD10, in the Koreatown area. The encampment, located next to a church, was blocking driveway access to the church and at times, access to the sidewalk. In April of 2021, SPA 4 Multi-Disciplinary Outreach Teams began a coordinated effort to develop a by-name list of individuals staying at this encampment, determine best fit for housing, and link individuals to these resources. This location also had four Recreational Vehicles (RV) parked on the street in front of the encampment, making this site extremely complex to navigate during COVID.

    This document will examine the Encampment to Home efforts that took place over a six-month period. We will look at the efforts by the outreach teams to impact this site by focusing on three areas: coordination, interventions, and maintenance, and begin to delineate some best practices from this experience.

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