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“We Are Not Just a Band-Aid”: How Homeless Service Providers in Chicago Carry out Policy Advocacy

University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration

Year: 2009

Homeless service providers in Chicago are a diverse group of organizations. They serve women, men, and families, the chronically homeless and those escaping domestic violence, those needing emergency shelter and those looking for supportive housing. They are located in all … Continue reading

Where We Sleep: Costs when Homeless and Housed in Los Angeles

Economic Roundtable

Year: 2009

The central question investigated in this study is the public costs for people in supportive housing compared to similar people that are homeless. The typical public cost for residents in supportive housing is $605 a month. The typical public cost … Continue reading

Predictors of Close Family Relationships Over One Year Among Homeless Young People

Journal of Adolescence

Year: 2005

Predictors of perceived family bonds were examined among homeless young people who initially left home one year earlier. Newly homeless young people aged 12–20 years who had recently left home were recruited in Los Angeles County, United States (n=201) and … Continue reading

No Going Back: Policies for an Equitable and Inclusive Los Angeles

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, families across Los Angeles County have endured multiple waves of sickness, insecurity, joblessness, learning loss, and challenges to mental health. These impacts have been felt across Angelenos of all spectrums including communities of … Continue reading

Text-Messaging in PSH Feasibility Study

Formerly homeless persons in permanent supportive housing (PSH) experience high rates of health and mental health problems. This population also reports high rates of cell phone use, so phone-based health promotion interventions may be effective. Methods: To understand the feasibility … Continue reading

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